SIMEI x Drinktec




#customdesign #logographic #details #materials #cinemaeffect #furniture


The installation on air in Milan during the event SIMEI, is based on the idea of the cinematograph.
On the screen we read “Drinktec”, the title of the movie. On the pouf each visitor can imagine his own story.


Iron, glass, wood and reflexing element, fabric and custome furnitures are the components used to define in a restricted space, details that make the difference. Threaded rods with double nuts are used to fix iron profiles,
the “Mero” door locks, the texts “Drinktec” and its claim written in different techniques: laser cut iron, 3D and engraved. This explain how we work: on one side the emotional project, on the other side the power of the choice of different materials. We take care of any details, even the smallest.