TTG Travel Experience x Toscana Promozione Turistica


Rimini Exhibition Center


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Visionary Architecture

TTG Travel Experience exhibition has been the occasion to start a project of visionary architecture that overturned the traditional idea of trade shows.

The uncertainty due to Covid-19 and the limited re-start of the events stimulated the idea to get out from the standard, throwing in the game a cutting-edge vision built up with Toscana Promozione Turistica and Remigio Architects.

Limitless Spaces

The booth has been built limitless and with no borders. Through a round-cutted carpet, we enhanced the offer of the single exhibitors positioned inside circular theater-alike structure along all the area.

Getting out from the usual geometries used at the exhibition center, we introduced curvilinear compositions that stimulates curiosity, conversation and popping-up new business.

Perspectives and relations

Starting from the idea of an ideal city, all the scene has been studied with graphics and visual elements positioned in the right place to welcome customers and visitors into an environment that respects safety measures of distance and hygiene.

A complete unusual and intriguing vision that we aim it will help to think out of the box.